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Welcome to my music page - here you'll find (guess what) some MP3 files of my playing. Sent email webmaster@IvanFetch.com if you find this music enjoyable, or if you're interested in playing music together in the Denver, Colorado area.

Around October of 2002 (this page previously, incorrectly said 2003) I purchased a Roland XV-88 synthesizer with SRX-01 (dynamic drums) and SRX-02 (concert piano) expansion boards. This is definitely a nice sounding keyboard especially with the two expantion boards (there are many others available) - my last keyboard was a Korg M1 purchased by my parents in 1991, things have come a long way! I use sequencing software to record multiple tracks (piano, bass, vibes, Etc) from the XV-88.

Photo of ivan and Seeing Eye dog Zeke, with two 
keyboards and a bass in the background.

Georgia On My mind (04/11/2010)

I was at a friend's birthday party this past weekend, and his uncle Tom was lovingly badgering me to give him piano lessons, and talking about the song Georgia On My mind. So, Uncle Tom, while it's not lessons, here's a recording for you of Georgia On MY Mind as a piano solo, joined by an electric piano for a little break-out groove at the end.

Jumpstart This (07/22/2006)

I worked up Jumpstart This (4.5 Mb) last night and this morning. I used Quick Windows Sequencer (QWS) instead of my long time, and showing it's age, Power Tracks sequencer. QWS is a very nice, free, sequencer!

Funk With Berrie (04/22/2006)

Today I worked up a fun Funk With Berrie (1.5 MB). It's a short funk in G, with a little berrie sax doing a cool background.

Piano And Organ Blues (03/24/2006)

Here's piano and organ blues in C (2.7 MB). This is something I've been messing around with, and thought I'd put online for a few folks I'd like to give it a listen.

Ivan's Jazzy Christmas 2003 (12/19/2003)

Barely finished in time, "Ivan's jazzy Christmas 2003" is here. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks to all those who emailed about the 2002 CD (link below)!

Radio Intro; Lead-in Songs (05/28/2003)

Planning on doing a demonstration of the IC-T90 ham radio (20 MB in size) for ACB Radio I decided to make a few songs that could be played as introduction to a radio show. Check out the intros here.

Ivan's Jazzy Christmas 2002 (11/30/2002)

As my first movement toward doing more with music in my life (like I used to), I've created a Christmas CD. Check out "Ivan's Jazzy Christmas 2002".

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